Thursday, 28 August 2014

Iglo&Indi AW14 collection coming soon

This downturn in temperature has got me thinking about warm clothes for my little ones (or lack of), even though we are still technically in August!

I have already given you a sneak peek at some of Iglo&Indi's range before. Soon to come out however is there Autumn / Winter range and this household is more than a little bit excited to get our hands on some of it. And if anything is going to keep our offspring warm and cosy during the cold spell without forfeiting style is this Icelandic brand that I so love much. 

Check out what's coming soon...

Check out the collection here

Nat x

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Elaine enlightens us about Mexico

Mexico. When you read that word, what does it make you think of?
 Many think danger, kidnappings, beheadings and drug cartels. After the film Savages, Salma Hayek and Benicio del Toro made the gringos look a little differently at Mexican gardeners.
 Others maybe think of tequila, Tijuana, sombreros and ponchos.
 Frankly, that’d be like associating Great Britain with Jack the Ripper, bad food, ghastly weather, football hooligans and Jimmy Saville.
It all exists, of course, but it's neither a fair nor accurate picture of either country.
This post is about the country that I love. It's become my second home and I find myself lauding her beauty and defending her to my back teeth.
People talk about the warmth of a country as experienced through its people - you feel this immediately on arriving in Mexico. Be that in Mexico City, Puebla, Veracruz or Cancun - the smiles, the manners, the sense of the familial. Family and food are held in high esteem (as they should be, really) and meals are important.
The cuisine is incredible. Forget burritos (they barely exist in Mexico by the way, a bit like General Tso’s chicken….an invention to satisfy the Westerners’ tongue). From tacos, quesadillas and chilaquiles to chicharon, chiles nogada and molĂ© – the cuisine is enormous and deserves to be taken as seriously as Italian. Whilst not as “adventurous” as say, the Chinese, the snacks are pretty entertaining – found in market places all over the country are delights such as gusanos and chapulines – worms and grasshoppers. Fried to a crispy crisp and if one doesn’t look closely, as delicious as peanuts.
The architecture is breathtaking. Puebla, a former Spanish city, is chock full of stunning colonial buildings. Then there’s the Talavera, ceramics native to Puebla – every single piece carefully painted by hand and signed on the bottom by the artist. Think a more funky and colourful version of Wedgewood.

There are the bustling cities, the plantation like swathes of tropics (Veracruz) and some of the most gorgeous beaches on earth (the Caribbean side, think Tulum).
Mexico is home to true artisans – we’re not talking straw donkeys here. Stunning hand-embroidered Otomi fabrics, delicately hand-painted alejibres from Oaxaca, silver to die for…
Take a stroll around any marketplace and you’ll see more chiles than you’ve ever imagined possible – ancho, guajillo, chilpotle…and hundreds more. If you love to cook and enjoy experimenting with spices and herbs – you’ll be in culinary heaven.
As for drinkies – we all know Tequila but it’s time to discover its lesser-known friend Mezcal. No, Corona doesn’t count as a Mexican beverage. Nobody drinks it there. Like the burrito, another thing that only non-Mexicans consume.
It’s a family-friendly country – children are welcomed wherever they go. No stuffiness or side-eye if your little one is out with you for supper at 9pm. In our case, we’ve been lucky enough that our toddler all but became part of the staff at the last hotel we stayed at.
This is just a wee snapshot of an amazing country. Go quick, before the rest of the world realizes what a wonderful country Mexico is.

Monday, 25 August 2014

My first Autumnal outfit

This hat from Zara is a little bit special, and is my first must-have item for this Autumn/ Winter. 

I personally love a bit of grey on grey, and I've gone for an understated mannish look with this one from one of my favourite stores - Cos. 

I've paired the outfit with some patent brogues (they aren't going anywhere) to contrast with he texture of the outfit.

What do you think of this outfit? 

Nat x

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Street Style Sunday: How to style an old white shirt

 I recently inherited my husband's white work shirt from T.M.Lewin, I only got a look in because it has a rip in the arm, but I'm not going to let that deter me. I love a good white shirt, so easy to style, whether they are fitted or oversized you can never have enough white shirts in your wardrobe. So I just rolled up the arms and paired it with a tulle skirt, and some brogues. 

The skirt has been in my closet forever it's from H&M unfortunately it's not still available (although they have some superb midi skirts at the mo), but you can find a similar tulle skirt here.

The necklace is from a local shop called The orange Tree, which is great for one-off finds, unusual gifts and amazing for your interior design needs. 

The bangle is from Halcyon days and I adore the simple beauty of it.

Usually I wear heels, but after comparing I think these flats looked just as good, so I went with them. The brogues are from Clarks, you can find similar here.

The outfit was for a night out with my husband for our anniversary. We went to L'anima where they serve the most amazing contemporary Italian food. The cocktails are also worth a visit even if you don't sample the food. 

The brilliant mixologist looked after us and made us this smokey concoction. I believe it was his signature drink. 

The Mister and me in our matching white shirts. Ha. 

How do you wear your white shirt?

Nat x

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The Revolutionary SHOFT

Shoft is a great little invention - helping us to stay in the correct position when driving and therefore helping to prevent back pain. 

Not only is it good for our backs but it is also great to use for children who are using a booster seat, helping us to maximise their safety and comfort by assisting to keep them in the correct position. 

We were sent the Shoft to try out, and we found that even when our daughter falls asleep in the car, the Shoft helps to keep her in the correct position and therefore we didn't have to worry so much about her safety in the care from bad positioning. 

I'm pretty sure this product will be an essential item on every seat belt soon. 

They have set up a Crowdfunder project and they need your help to raise £20,000 by 14th September. You can pledge as little as £5.  Go here to find out more information and to pledge. 

Nat x