Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Guest blogger - Gets crafty with some frames

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As this winter seems to have been the longest yet, and my longing for cute patterns and bright colours is becoming more and more apparent, I have decided to set myself little projects, with the intention to turn our flat into a bright vintage haven.

This week, my project was to do a “feature wall” in our mezzanine bedroom.

I decided to get my hands on as many frames as possible, and being on a budget meant that most have come from charity shops, hand-me-downs and a couple from Tiger.

In terms of filling the frames, well that’s the creative bit! Get your kids to help with this too. Cut up anything from old books, magazines, comics and pretty much any materials you find interesting. I found that gluing things on top of the glass also created a cool 3D design. 

I also made some pretty bunting out of old clothes, which always creates a lovely summer festival feel.

If you’re anything like me, I’m pretty hopeless at hammering nails in to the wall, so I got my lovely assistant (fiancĂ©e) to help.

Here he is displaying the end product –

Having recently had a new edition to our family (Tilly the cat), I decided to continue the theme on her bedroom wall. Below you can see I papered the wall with some craft paper from TK Maxx, and proceeded to put items on the wall such as a vintage plate, a hanging heart, and a few other bits I found around the place.

The possibilities are endless, so get creative!

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Sunshine x


  1. Wow I love things like this I recently dis my daughters bedroom just the same made by own bunting done up old frames. I love it its so shabby chic well done :)

    1. thank you for your lovely comment, your little project also sounds great.